“Voice of Health Professionals.”

South African Professionals Conduct Association ( SAPCA ) is a South African civic body consisting of health Lawyers and Health Professionals. SAPCA’s was/is established to influence and guide health policy framework and implementation especially National Health Insurance, access to healthcare services, legal and business support to health professionals in private practice and public service. Our membership consists of Lawyers, Medical Practitioners, Health Specialists, Pharmacists, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Medical Schools and academic hospitals.

SAPCA has a working and business relationships with government, medical schemes, Council of Medical Schemes, Health Professionals Council of South Africa, Nursing Council, Pharmaceutical companies and medical research bodies and journals. We champion access to healthcare, better working conditions and health facilities for health professionals and people living in rural and township areas.

SAPCA’s motto is: We are the Voice of Health Professionals in South Africa and in our African Continent. Covid – 19 has taught us that we need as Health Professionals to learn the best health systems and patient care from each other across our National borders.

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Legal representation in internal disciplinary hearings conducted under the auspices of member’s registered Council/appropriate tribunal.



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SAPCA has two categories of applications for membership. It has a Legal Panel and professional membership.


Ask legal expert on:

  • Member’s rights in instances of professional misconduct under the auspices of HPCSA/Nursing Council.

  • Legal, business support for growth and sustainability of health professionals’ businesses.

  • Placement of Locums, Nurses, their contracts and job descriptions..

  • Policies to guide implementation of the National Health Insurance (NHI).



SAPCA has partners and associates who provide sponsorships and other related commercial management services. SAPCA is currently developing a Code of Conduct to manage its relations with its associates and partners. Names and details of its partners and associates will only appear herein once the Code of Conduct is fully developed and signed.

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